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Samsung Gift Wrap Sleeve

Subject to availability we are pleased to offer a Samsung Gift Wrap Sleeve (“Sleeve”) free of charge with certain product purchases.   The Sleeve is only available on/with selected items and is supplied at no extra cost with your ordered product being delivered to the delivery address specified in your order in the Sleeve.    Please note:

  1. the Sleeve is not available on all items; if you are purchasing a product online that can be supplied in a Sleeve, the “Gift Sleeve” tick box will be available to select. To have your product arrive in a Sleeve, simply ensure the “Gift Sleeve” tick box is ticked during the online checkout process

  2. Sleeves are supplied free of charge subject to availability; ticking the “Gift Sleeve” tick box does not ensure/guarantee that your product will be supplied in a Sleeve

  3. the offer of a Sleeve cannot be exchanged for a cash alternative

  4. Samsung reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the offer of a free Sleeve at its sole discretion without reason at any time without notice

  5. Samsung accepts no responsibility or liability for non-availability of Sleeves
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